26 November 2010

Really Missing the US Today

Happy Thanksgiving, a wonderful American holiday.  It is my favorite.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of the fall bounty, of generosity, and of friendship.  Its origins go back some 400 years to when Virginia was settled by colonists and the generous help of Native Americans who helped the colonist survive through the tough winter.  It has been an annual holiday since 1863, when, during the American Civil War, President Lincoln proclaimed it as a national day of giving thanks.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of its universality.  Americans of all religions, creeds, colors, and social status (except Angelina Jolie) partake of this day of feasting around a large dinner table with friends, family, and sometimes strangers.

The trouble is, being quite a distance away from home, I am far away from this very nice day in the US.  This really makes me miss home and my family in the US.  The good thing is, Moscow is really fun for the rest of the year (except when the smokes gets thick, or only hot water comes out of the pipes, or when I am stuck in traffic jams, or when it gets really cold, or when it gets really hot or ...)

In any case, Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

The Other Turkey Will Be Pardoned by A Future President


  1. Miss you, Amir. Things here are always perfect. Come home someday before too long, ok? Speaking of "ok" I read the other day it is the most important word in the English language. Also supposedly near-universal. Ever hear that expression/word there in Muscovia?


  2. Indeed, "OK" factors into Russian speech frequently, as it does in Spanish speech worldwide. It is hard to believe, but even the French use it.