29 November 2010

Commode Culture Clash

Having been a near daily user of men's bathrooms in US and Russia, I have noticed a distinct difference.

American men freely engage in conversations with their co-urinating pals in the bathroom.  The conversation can be about last night's ball game, the latest dream sports car, that hot girl they dream about having inside that sports car, or whatever.  Most of the time, it is just useless chatter that hovers slightly louder than the sound of the running stream.

Taking Care of Business in America

In Russia, all conversation ceases once drainage begins.  It is as if touching that appendage down under somehow interferes with speech.  This makes me wonder if I am witnessing a cultural difference or a different vocal cord placement on Russian men.


  1. I noticed it too. Every time I go to this special room in our USA office - it seems every new person that walks in feels obliged to start a conversation.
    I never understood this and always try to keep it quick and quiet.