27 January 2010

The Weather Is ... Still Cold

Apparently, it has been an unusually cold winter, even by Moscow standards.

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The temperature "spiked" to a high of 25 F (-4 C) on 8 January.  The lows have been hovering around -4 F (-20 C) for most of the past 10 days.

I took a 1 mile stroll on the outskirts of northern Moscow around midnight of 26 January and really did feel the cold.  My face, the only exposed skin, went from being cold to burning to numb.  As I neared the metro station, some woman asked if she could use my mobile phone.  According to the phone, her call lasted a mere 51 seconds; subjectively, it felt like some ten minutes.  The most painful part was taking off my glove to dial the numbers for her.  Fingers do not work well at -17F (-27 C).


  1. Amir, enjoyed the time last week. Stay warm, drink vodka and enoy the ride and experience. It will make the spring and summer that much more enjoyable. Matt Domo

  2. Amir,

    Here in the good ol' USA in the guise of the state of Vermont, we've been sitting at -15 F. for a few days.
    Oh, and the password is "balaclava"...we have perhaps twelve. A few are monsters...

    - Your Pom-whatever

  3. DAMN that's cold! Here in Texas if it gets below 60 people break out their jackets and gloves. Russians would get a good laugh out of that. Of course our balmy summers might be a little much for our Eastern Bloc friends at 106 for 3 months... -Donovan