11 April 2010

There Was No Sex in USSR

Now, Russia is making up for lost time.

"There is no sex in USSR" is a popular catchphrase and refers to the comments of Liudmila Ivanova.  Ms. Ivanova's comment were aired on a perestroika-era TV Show, US-Soviet Space Bridge.  An American asked about sex in the Soviet Union.  Ms. Ivanova intended to say "There is no sex in the USSR... there is love," but the last words were cut off of the broadcast.  The memorable catchphrase is the baby of an unfortunate accident.

I'm Too Sexy for the West:  Soviet-Style Sensuality
A bit of Soviet context is required to understand the import of Ms. Liudmila's remark.  In USSR, "sex" was a dirty word and the moral equivalent of pornography.  All sexual topics, including lightly erotic displays, were strictly prohibited.  Given these attitudes, one would never see sexual activity out in the open.

On my way to work and back, I walk by Petrovka 38, an address seared into the Russian mind (of a certain age) by a popular 80s television show.  Petrovka 38 is the street address for the equivalent of the Russian FBI.  Internal Soviet order enforcement emanated from this location.  The country's top police officers still work there; they investigate the toughest and dirtiest deeds, including crimes of passion.

Spring is now is coming around in Moscow.  The deep freeze is gone and there is no longer snow on the roads.  The birds and the bees are at it once again.

Recently, walking home from work near midnight,  as I was strolling in front of Petrovka 38, two young lovers were reminding passersby that it is indeed spring time.  The birds and bees were the utmost topic on their minds; and they had found new utility out of a skateboard's quick back and forth action.  I imagine that this could have been considered a "crime of passion" in USSR, but Petrovka 38 was not to be bothered.  Besides the young lovers, all else was calm on the street.

Spring is the time for new life; from what I witnessed, it is possible that another baby will be born of another accident.  However, this spring event in front of the venerable Petrovka 38 is a clear sign that the Soviet Union is dead.


If you are interested in seeing some action (not the kind you may be thinking about), check out the clip below.

Tighten Your Suspention:  Petrovka 38 Goes for a Ride


  1. I've done it a lot of places but never on a skateboard! Classy!

  2. The Soviet Union is not dead! Comrades! it is mearly taking a break. Soon you will see us rise out of the ashes and be mighty and powerful once more. Communism is the true Capitalism because it serves everyone equally and fairly. (except the few at the top). The rest of the world will envy us, our union of states shall hold strong and be of one voice. Our GDP will be enormous and our profit margin immense. I say to you "Rejoice" becasue the second coming is almost here.

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