10 November 2010

We Have Another Record

Late July and early August were miserably hot times in Moscow.  Moscow set a high temperature in record with 38C (100 F).  It is November; while I cannot say it is miserably hot, I can say that it has been unusually warm.  So warm, in fact, that more record high temperatures are being set.

Worried?  Don't Bother; You Will Be Extinct Soon.

Here is a bit of relavent news from BCM.  The accenting is mine.
The Hydro Meteo Bureau (Weather Service) for the Moscow city and the region reports that another temperature record for this time of year was set in Moscow on Tuesday evening. After the sunset, the staff of the base weather station at the All-Russia Exhibition Center scored the air temperature of 11.9 degrees Celsius (53.42 F°), which is 0.2 degrees higher than the previous temperature record set in 1952.
This Wednesday may also bring another temperature record. The weather service employees predict that the air in the capital will warm up to 11-13 degrees C°, while the highest level for November 10 has been so far 12.6 degrees C° (54.68 F°). This temperature was marked in 1927.
As previously reported, 22 temperature records were beaten during the past summer in Moscow, including the record temperature of July 29, when the air got heated to 38.2 degrees C° (100.76 F°).
To be ahead of the times, I have started on my business plan for tropical tourism in Moscow.  The planned launch date is 2020.

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  1. I'm a little worried - by the time Russia becomes a tropical resort, the rest of the planet will have turned to a scorched desert, and everyone will be seeking refuge in Russia, making the unbearable cost of real estate in Moscow totally murderous. So, buy a couple of apartments meanwhile :)