09 April 2010

Marvels of Moscow Metro, Part III

Multiple people, both local and from the US, have urged me to stop taking the metro - at least for a while, until the dust of the recent bombings settles, so to speak. 

Even if Moscow's roads were as safe as those in the US, they would not be nearly as safe as the metro system is, despite the occasional insanity caused by a handful of delusional criminals.

According to Fatality Analysis Reporting System, a service of US's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 37,261 traffic crash fatalities in the US in 2008, or about 1,000X higher than the deaths caused by the 29 March 2010 Moscow metro bombings.  Basically, the daily carnage on the roads of any major US metropolitan area is in the same league as the annual accident-induced deaths on the Moscow metro system.
Killer Alien Terrorist Bots Making US Roads Dangerous

Just for the record, I was stopped by the militia for the third time today.  The identity query was courteous, sensible, and effective.

Moscow's metro system is safe.  It is also a spectacularly well-organized and well-orchestrated system.  Operations Research and Linear Programming enthusiasts, you can learn a lot here. 

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