18 April 2010

Where is a Fatwa When We Need One?

The onset of the Internet age also unleashed the spam era.  Ah, lovely spam:  The useless, sometimes dangerous email clutter that oozes into our in boxes daily, robs us of productivity and clogs up our networks.

In the West, one is used to getting photos of young, attractive women like the one below as a hook for unrepentant men who (for the most part) like young attractive women. 
Call me, please!
Being in Russia, and assuming that the closer proximity to the Middle East has something to do with it, I am now getting regional-ized spam, like the one below.
I only appear to be underage; call me, please!
Again, you have a young, attractive woman who is trying to lure men into whatever it is that another man is selling.  The poses are nearly identical; the trouble is, the Middle Eastern spam pictures a very young women, one that is probably younger than eighteen. 
We could chalk this up to regional cultural differences.  After all, the young lady is wearing Islamic garb and this will surely avoid a fatwa of some sort.  But, if it is regional cultural differences that allow the peddling of underage but properly dressed women, let is be known that Spam, the original term from which "spam" was derived, contains pork.
Clearly, to close this cultural gap, we need a fatwa that declares Spam and spam as un-Islamic offenses. 

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