06 April 2012

Kirill's Miracle: You See It, But It Was Never There

Patriarch Kirill I is the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church; he is an analogous figure to the Pope.

The photos above are from the Church's official site.  The one on the right was posted initially and it shows Kirill wearing a $30,000 Breguet watch.  Embarrassed by recent criticisms of the Church's ostentatious display of power and wealth, web site editors decided to extend Kirill's sleeve to cover of the watch.  The doctored photo, on the left, was placed on the Church's web site.

While the watch may have miraculously disappeared up Kirill's sleeve, it is still miraculously showing its reflection on the tables.  The bigger, more incredible miracle has been Kirill's insistance that he never wore the watch in the first place.

Are you a believer now?

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