19 March 2011

Sex(y) Sells

Being in downtown Moscow is being in a thriving European city.  Downtown is pedestrian friendly and replete with small shops, boutiques, and restaurants.

Within two city blocks of my house, you will find dozens of restaurants, convenient stores, bars, specialty goods stores, and boutiques selling high-end gifts and clothing.  In the past year that I have lived in my neighborhood, I have noticed that there is high turnover.  These shops and restaurants go out of business quickly; and just as quickly, they are replaced by another with a different business model (hats off to capitalistic experimentation).

There has been one constant, however.  While shoe stores, coat boutiques, restaurants, and parfumeries all have come and gone, the women's sexy underwear store - appropriately named Agent Provocateur -  has been going resolutely steady.

Covers the Rent, If Not Much of Anything Else

From what I observe from outward appearance, Russian women are a sexy bunch.  From what is apparent from commerce patterns, that sexiness runs through and through.

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