26 January 2010

Marvels of Moscow Metro, Part I

Two legged creatures make the bulk of Moscow metro's passengers.  On occasion, I see winged bipeds flapping their way through stations.  More frequently, I see man's four-legged best friend strolling through.

While Popular Science's take on dogs in Moscow's metro system seems fantastic, it makes for a good read.  Intriguingly, the title of the article is "Moscow's Stray Dogs Evolving Greater Intelligence, Including a Mastery of the Subway."

RIP, Malchik

And so, as the copy and paste world of blogs go (shamelessly, including this one), the Pop Sci article is itself a blog of an original article that appeared in the 16 January 2010 edition of Financial Times.  In case you are keeping track, this makes a "meta blog."

You can also visit Metro Dog to view the Muscovite documentation of these friendly, furry creatures that have a higher sense of urban intelligence.

P. S.  Michael S. - thanks for the tip.

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