09 October 2010

Actually, Russia Is In The Middle East

Fatalists repeat after me:  Этo Россия.

Whenever asked about absurdities, contradictions, inequalities, or huge inefficiencies about the Russian societ, Этo Россия [this is Russia] is a familiar refrain.  You see, while Russians are proud of their heritage, they are rather sharply aware of their societal quirks and are bothered by them.  Yet, the quirkiness is explained away and inaction is excused by Этo Россия.

Having roots in the Middle East, I am well familiar with the fatalist nature of some societies; however, I had not expected Middle East-style fatalism Russia.   And like in the Middle East, "fatalism" in the Russian context is a double entendre - with the second meaning being "attempting to change the system can be fatal."

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