11 October 2010

Schwarzenegger Is In Red Heat

The Governator, aka Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Austrian-born American governor of California, starred as a Russian policeman in Red Heat in 1988.

To Russia, with Love

Twenty-two years later and actually in Russia, Arnold is once again in red heat (the non-capitalized kind).  Per a recent article in Bloomberg, Schwarzenegger said:
"I love places where there is an extraordinary potential,” Schwarzenegger, 63, said before he visited Skolkovo with Medvedev. “It’s almost like looking at a gold or diamond mine and saying: all you got to do is go in there and get it.”
Later, President Medvedev joked that if Arnold were a Russian citizen, he would have a shot at being Moscow's next mayor.  Of course, as Mr. Luzhkov demonstrated, being the mayor is a red-hot Russian recipe for a ride to riches.

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