02 February 2012

Frozen Shampoo Does Not Flow

In December and for the most part of January, I was fretting about Moscow's unusually warm winter.  Based on folklore, the erstwhile November weather was getting extended well into January.

Luckily, Ded Moroz (Дед Мороз) has arrived and he has brought the winter weather with him with full fury.  Days have been getting colder steadily.  Tomorrow's high is projected to be -18 C - or 0 Fahrenheit for English units fans.  The low is projected to reach -28 C (-18 F).

This may sound cold to most people but, in reality, everything below -10C feels pretty much the same.  This is because it gets so cold that you stop feeling.  A nice numbness sets in, pain goes away, and the merits of life in a freezer box become ice-crystal clear.

Ice not Nice in Shampoo

In any case, there was a new one in the department of new experiences today.  As usual, after dropping my children off at school, I went for a workout in the local gym,  and then took a shower. Unusually, however, I realized that I could not use my shampoo.  It had frozen.  Frozen shampoo does not flow.

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