30 March 2011

A Long Winter

It snowed in Moscow today.  I mean, it really snowed; it was dumping out there.  The ground was too warm for the snow to accumulate, but a nice, slick sheen of ice was everywhere afterwards, reminding everyone that Moscow indeed has a long winter.

A Long Winter by Stephen Datz

This winter, Moscow's first snow was on 13 October 2010.  If today's snow proves to be the last of the season (a doubtful speculation), then the winter shall have been 168 days long.

In case you need to be reminded of it, the year only has 365 days.  This only leaves 197 days for the remaining 3 seasons.


  1. Amir, the Master of depressing arithmetics...

  2. Come on! Snow is not a definitive sign of winter. It might snow in spring and in fall too.
    If we assume that a rain is a sign of a fall - then there is only one season in Seattle - fall.. No summer/spring or winter!