08 March 2011

And Next On The Death List

Alexei Navalny is a popular Russian blogger.  He cleverly exposes government corruption through court action or instigating investigations where there are foul smells of governmental malfeasance.

For instance, he has exposed multiple instances of petty Russian officials' penchant to purchase very expensive luxury cars (like an armored Audi A8L) where a more modest and reliable vehicle (like a Ford Fusion) would have been more than plenty.

Hero, Maybe Martyr

Unfortunately, Russia has a disposition to kill its investigative journalists for relatively trivial exposés.  Mr. Navalny is not a journalist; he is a public activist.  But his mission puts him the crosshairs of harm's way.

His best defense may be his popularity and the fact that he could be more dangerous dead than alive.  The question then becomes what to do with a living Mr. Navalny:  Let him continue his crusade or buy him off?

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