14 January 2011

Dumb and Dumber

Downtown Moscow is awash with the Micromax Q55 bling advertisement for a device that looks like this:

The trouble for Micromax is that there is hardly any reference to its brand or the device capabilities; instead, the advertising highlights the Swarovski brand with a tagline like "sim+sim Swarovski Zirconium."   Then, right next to the silly tag line is another silly picture of a pretty woman with an empty stare, pretty much like this one:

sim+sim = Dumb and Dumber:  I Hold My Phone Backwards

Obviously, I was not the target audience for the advertisement, but the sheer inane nature of the campaign rubs me the wrong way.  The saving grace for Micromax is that it is not Vertu.

Ever The Dumbest

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  1. Mirror baby!