10 December 2010

Tepid, Nasty Street Stew

Yesterday, I was greeted by a wonderful Thursday morning.  The streets were covered in white and abundant snow was gently drawing a winter coat over everything and anything in sight.  The temperature was a nice -5 C (23 F).

Tepid, Nasty Street Stew

The temperature rose to a tepid 3 C (37 F) by nightfall.  Snow became rain.  The erstwhile beautiful wintercoat turned into a nasty grey street stew making a mess everywhere.

Muscovites frequently complain about March and November precisely because of this phenomenon, namely the tepid, nasty street stew.  And they proudly and longingly talk about winter's beauty.

Moscow Winter Glory

I agree with them; colder weather would be very nice right now.

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  1. Amir what you wrote about Moscow reminds me of
    New York. In New York when it rains after snowing or the snow has been there too long without new snow falling, the snow gets dirty and tramped on or driven on. They call it black snow. Winter is beeautiful when the snow first falls but after awhile it is not beautiful anymore.