05 February 2010

Perils of Passage, Part II

Moscow is very efficient in removing ice and snow. This is equally true for the flatland (road) and highland (buildings) kind. This video shows a common scene in Moscow: An industrious person laboriously removing icicles from the highlands.

Clearly, overhanging ice and snow needs to be removed for safety purposes. A nice knock on the head from a 10 lb. ice chunk falling from 20 feet high can easily kill someone. Ice removers go even a step further to ensure public safety as they go about their jobs: They cordon off portions of sidewalk that are subject to the falling ice to avoid accidentally striking someone. So far, so good.

The problem is, in order to save people from their felled ice, the caring ice removers literally push the people into streets ... that are frozen ... and full of cars ... that careen ...

Spared from falling highland ice, killed by skidding flatland car.

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