26 December 2012

What is 50 Grams to You?

50 grams, to most people around the world, is a weight measure.  In Russia, it is a volume measure:  Specifically, it measures a shot of vodka.

I was given a test recently and failed miserably.  I was asked "what is 20 times 50 grams?"  I quickly responded "1 kg."  My inquisitor told me that I failed miserably and definitely do not qualify to be a Russian after having lived here for three years.  You see, most Russian men would respond "1 liter," as in 1 liter of vodka.

See my blog:  Live Fast and Die Young: Alcohol, Tobacco, Heroin.  No more comments needed.

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic. I would like to share this with our anatomy and physiology students -who are studying the metric system currently. Though I fear this may result in some creative answers on the next exam!